Saturday, 4 January 2020

See What I Did There?

See how I went back on my word about only making lots for The Sims 4 because I didn't want to clog my laptop with custom content? See how I just recreated my 'Norma' Blouse for TS4?
I will say this - I am sticking to my guns about having CC in my game, aside from a CAS screen I made and a couple of gameplay mods. All my builds for TS4 remain CC-free. However, this year has started out just as crappy as the last so any hopes of a new PC setup are still a long way off and I just really miss making CC, damn it!
There was a point a year or so ago where I downloaded the Sims 4 Studio in the hopes of converting a TS4 Renault Captur by LorySims for my own personal use in TS3. Then I downloaded Blender. Christ alive, I cannot fathom how anyone could possibly find that program easy to use! No Captur for me in TS3 then... Unfortunately, it seems to be a necessary evil when it comes to S4S, so I guess I'll have to suffer it if I want to get into something more intricate later on.

What bothers me more than the evils of Blender (seriously, I hate it so much I won't even link to it), is the fact that my first intended by of CC was a recreation of my Dorian Gray haunted painting. I knew the Spooky Stuff Pack had such items, so I spent a fiver on Eneba. Turns out that unlike its TS3 counterpart, the TS4 painting doesn't include the 'spooky' painting as an extractable image layer. After a little digging, I found out that the late night effect is part of the tuning. Balls!

What a waste of a fiver! I hope someone over at the S4S figures out a way to do it. I wouldn't have the foggiest.

Anyway, for now I'm continuing down the clothing route. And the Norma Bates route. She's a classy, if not crazy, lady with some fantastic outfits so I'm going to have a play about with those while I curse the very name of Blender.

Oh Blender, how I loathe thee!

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