My Sim

With the exception of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, Sidney has, in some shape or form, been a part of just about every game I've played that featured character creation.

There are always three key elements to this character: purple hair, green eyes and a McSomething last name. Admittedly, the purple hair always came out of my own desire for such a hair colour (something I eventually achieved courtesy of Schwarzkopf). I suppose she's my self-Sim, though I haven't give a Sim my own name since The Sims back in 2000.
The TS3 incarnation of Sid started out life in Sunset Valley, residing in Americana (my fave house in all the games), located on the corner of Skyborough Blvd. She's moved around a fair bit, having briefly resided in Riverview before moving on to Midnight Hollow (one of my fave worlds) and the her 'hometown' of Moonlight Falls.

Sidney is a freelance writer in TS3 & 4, though a lazyand  unemployed bum in TS2, enjoying minor success with her series of Doctor Who spin-off series, Life on Skaro, which she continues to write to this day, but her first big hit was her biography of an anonymous vampire. You can check out Sidney's ever-growing bibliography here.

What is Sidney getting up to? Have a look!

Sidney (Ts2) Sidney (TS3) Sidney (TS4)


B2 Sims Customised version of 'I Love Books' by Ipietoon. A selection of TS4™ icons featured are by Oh My Sims!

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