Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Picture Of Dorian Gray

"Sin is a thing that writes itself across a man's face. It cannot be concealed."

About a decade or so ago, I saw the 1945 film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' starring Hurd Hatfield and Angela Lansbury.

Though I'd never read the book, I knew the story but what really fascinated me was the style of the painting. For a 40s film, the end result of the painting was pretty jarring to behold - it was almost like a really bad acid trip two decades early. When I started making my own items for TS3, I always had it mind to make this. Of course there'd be two versions - one for the main house and another for the attic. You can imagine my joy when I bought TS3: Supernatural and discovered the changing portraits!

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B2 Sims Customised version of 'I Love Books' by Ipietoon. A selection of TS4™ icons featured are by Oh My Sims!

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