Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Desperate Measures!

As if having the PC in storage and robbing me of my beloved Sims 3, last night as I was in the process of uploading the Bayside Diner to MTS, my laptop cable stopped working... and of course my laptop had only 5 minutes left to live!

What does this mean for little ol' B2 and her Sims? Well, the PC is home to The Sims, The Sims 3 and The Sims: Medieval, and on the laptop I have The Sims 2, The Sims 4 and The Sims: Medieval (yes, it's on both). When the laptop cable cattled last night, I had to make a quick save on the MTS upload with a frantic little note in the description telling everyone I'd be back to correct the random specs I'd quickly entered on my phone.

Have any of you ever tried to edit a Mod the Sims listing on a mobile phone? Or attempted to correctly format a Tumblr post to match everything you've posted thus far in desktop mode on your mobile phone? Or pissed about with HTML with sausage fingers on a mobile phone?

Not to mention the fact that all of this came about right as I was thinking of starting a new game on TS4 so I could try out a challenge. Gutted, mate. Absolutely gutted. Cue the grumbly purchase of a new cable (cheers, Amazon Prime!) and being back up and running by the following evening (tonight).

Since all plans were out the window game-wise, I had to look for a Plan B... there was nothing on TV, nothing lined up on my watchlist that I was in the mood for. All I wanted to do was play some Sims!!! There was only one option left, lying in the darkest corner of my box of games - The Sims 2 (PS2).

Loading up this game in 2019 was an eye-opener to say the least! I cannot fathom how I managed to enjoy that game so much, and I remember playing it a fair bit when I didn't have much access to a PC. The decor options are just horrendous, though it does have multi-layered clothing, so swings and roundabouts I suppose. 

I knew I wanted to create a new Sim, but before I did I thought I'd check in with the Sims I'd previously played with. Oh. My. Days...

A rooster in the living room? But of COURSE!
Oh, Adam... you're such a sad little soul!
Ah yes... the party that got out of hand. RIP, random party guests!
Needless to say, I am so SO glad to be am back on the laptop. Don't get me wrong, I'm way more of a console gamer than PC, but when it comes to The Sims, it's PC all the way for me.

This was a long-winded and pointless post really, wasn't it? Haha.

Oh well.

B2 x

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