Saturday, 30 November 2019

Black Friday, Sucked-In Saturday!

One of the two main reasons I said I probably wouldn't buy TS4 back when it came out was the insane pricing. The base game price was ridiculous, and when the first expansion and stuff packs dropped, they were just as bad. For those wondering, the other main reason was that I just didn't like the general look of it.
Of course, we all know I caved when an Origin sale came along. I'm 99% convinced EA were spying on me because it just happened to drop when I was without my PC and missing TS3. Damn them!
With Black Friday and its subsequent insanity upon us, I thought I might take a look to see what was on offer across Steam, Playstation and (for reasons unknown) Origin. When I bought TS4, I promised myself I wouldn't clog up my laptop with expansions and would maybe consider the Cats & Dogs EP if the price was right. Can't live without my Jack Russell buddy now, can I?
Well folks, the price is right this weekend, though not by way of Origin. They've knocked off 50%, which may sound spiffy, but if you shop around you can get better deals elsewhere. For me, that elsewhere was Eneba. I managed to pick up C&D for a little over £12.00 rather than the £17.49 Origin were asking for.

I maaaaay have also picked up Get Together for the same price. I was seduced by the Tudor style build items. *facepalm*
Eneba deals in digital games, so you basically purchase the keycode and redeem it through Origin. They also have games available on other platforms. Quick and easy. Definitely pays to shop around.

Anywa,y, I'm off to create me a little Jack Russell... May all your bank accounts survive this Black Friday weekend!



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