Monday, 2 September 2019

Making Some Room(s)

I'm still no closer to sorting out my PC situation *sob*. On the plus side though, I'm a good way through a new TS4 build, so that'll be something I'll loook forward to rebuilding for TS3 when I'm up and running (as well as TS2).

As much as I still roll my eyes at the overall gameplay of TS4, as a builder, I'm finding more things to enjoy about it the more my new build progresses. This is the first lot I've built from scratch on TS4 that wasn't a TS3 rebuild. I've had more freedom to play about with this more as I'm not working to a spec of something I've already created and made some wonderful little discoveries along the way. I can't wait to complete this lot and get it uploaded!

One thing I really like about TS4 is the ability to save specific rooms to the library and share them on the Gallery. I've been having a little 'wander' around my existing builds and saving them to my library, so I'll be sharing some of them in the Gallery soon and offering them for download here too.

In the meantime, I'm still working my way through this site and re-formatting a few things here and there, so if anything looks a bit weird please do bear with me as always.

Take care,
B2 x

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