Friday, 28 December 2018

In Another Life

Oh dear! Oh deary me! I've really gone and done it now!

Clearly I've been taken advantage of here. Somebody told Origin I was bored and that my husband was occupying the PC, so they put The Sims 4 on sale for dirt cheap and now I actually... own it. Urgh! I mean, selfies, Simstagram, no cars, notes when you hover over food to let you know it's vegetarian friendly... this game should be called The Sims: Millennials.  

I have to say, I'm really not a fan at all.  The Mr says I need to face facts: I'm getting old and they don't make games for me anymore. True, so true. *sob*

What can I do though? The Mr is currently deep into one of his favourite games and it's his PC after all. It'll do for killing a bit of boredom on the laptop, I suppose. Aside from Sidney's trademark hairdo (Skysims 132), I don't plan on installing any CC or investing any cash in expansions.

So, as you can see above we have the lovely Miss Sidney Mackenzie - TS4 style! I'm a little upset that I can't give her the trademark purple hair (and with the restrictive colour presets in general). She currently resides in Willow Creek, in a little house with a pretty view of the river.

Sidney hasn't really been up to much so far - quit her job right away and went out on the town. Standard really.

She seems to be more social than her TS3 counterpart, making friends everywhere she goes. Don't worry though, I'll soon knock that right out of her - heh! Sim life is no fun without an arch nemesis or two...

Anyway, I'll leave you with a few more little snaps from Sidney's first night out on the town. Hopefully I can get back to the PC and to the real Sidney Mack very soon.


B2 Sims Customised version of 'I Love Books' by Ipietoon. A selection of TS4™ icons featured are by Oh My Sims!

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