Thursday, 16 August 2018

Here to Stay...?

Sidney and Champ have settled nicely in Twinbrook and have been enjoying their new home... and lots of play time, obviously.

The neighbours have all been very welcoming. This guy, not so much...

"I will literally eat your FACE!"

The night life seems livelier here too. Ironic really considering all that Sidney had been told about Bridgeport. The night life there was pretty dead, and not in the my-ex-husband-is-a-vampire kind of way either. Yes, Sidney is still holding out that tiny bit of hope that she'll see Mitchell again. *sigh*

In the meantime, having downsized her living space, Sidney no longer has space for two cars (what was she even thinking, right?)... so if anyone out there would like to buy a Lotus Elise, please get in touch.

Mail your bids to:
Sidney Mackenzie
338 Rue de Sterling


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