Originally something to pass the time in the early hours, Sidney found that she had a hidden talent for story telling. She has gone on become a best-selling author, primarily in science fiction. In recent times, however, Sidney has found herself leaning more towards poetry and sonnets.

Life On Skaro Series

  • Life On Skaro
  • Life On Skaro II: Return to the Bunker
  • Life On Skaro III: Nyder's Revenge
  • Life On Skaro IV: The Rise of Davros
  • Life On Skaro: The Graphic Novel
  • Life On Skaro V: D-Nation
  • Life On Skaro VI: Mutant Enemy 

Graphic Novels

  • The Awkward Adventures of Loser Girl
  • Comic Genius (Coming Soon)

Other Fiction

  • Warp Speed (Coming Soon)


  • The Vampire Sonnets 


  • Being Human: A Vampire's Quest for Salvation


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