Friday, 27 December 2019

On the Subject of Simsdom

A lot of shots seem to have been fired between WMS and Simsdom regarding how the latter operates with regards to links to custom content and I'll be honest, I'd never really taken the time to venture to SimsDom until I came across these posts.
I've often Googled my own content to see where it's showing up and who is posting it outside of the obvious retweets and reblogs and I'll be honest, I don't have enough time in the day to post my stuff to all of those places. So long as I'm credited and linked to accordingly, I don't mind my creations being indexed on these websites. My only beef is when I come across the entries that point to my uploads to The Sims Resource because they're so painfully out of date and I don't post there anymore. I'd much rather they point here or to my ModtheSims uploads, but ho-hum.

Today I actually took the time to have a glance at Simsdom and sure enough a lot of my Sims 3 creations are indexed there. I decided to check all of them out and each and every indexed item linked back to the relevant MTS or TSR listing with no paywall or Adfly redirect. So am I going to complain about the exposure? No. Simsdom has done what I ask anyone to do in the disclaimer on my main page.

What I have done, however, is signed up to Simsdom so I can a) reserve my username (as if I'm so important anyone would snatch it, hah!) and b) collect my items in a list so that other users there may be prompted to check out my profile and find their way here to discover the items that might not have been indexed.

I really don't see what all the fuss is about though. There's plenty of other sites out there that function in a similar fashion that don't seem to be getting that kind of heat. I doubt I would have found some of the content I installed for TS3 without them to be honest.

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