Saturday, 3 August 2019

TS4, Redeem Thyself...

For some reason, whenever I happen to find that creative flow with TS3, I end up having to vacate the PC. This time round, it had to go into storage following the arrival of a new pet and a subsequent furniture reshuffle. *sigh*

Normally, I'd fire up TS2 in these instances, but after the recent rebranding update and how much people have been bitching endlessly about it, I decided to fire up TS4 instead. Really though, are people actually that bothered about packaging and loading screens?

I can honestly say, I still don't care much for the gameplay (loada bollocks!), but I was interested in finally getting to grips with building something. Obviously, I wanted to start with something simple to get a feel for it so what better place to start than the very same place I started when I reinstalled TS2 - TS3's Americana!

As with TS2, I have no CC installed for TS4 other than Sidney's trademark hairstyle (more on that later), so this version will also be CC free. I've found it to be a surprisingly pleasant experience so far, though getting used to where everything is on the screen has been a bit annoying. Why they couldn't just have it laid out like the previous games, I'll never know.

Anyway, it got me thinking that once I've finished this, I may do a repeat performance and convert Kinross again as well. Who knows, maybe all my future TS3 builds will get an additional TS2 and TS4 version? We'll see...

B2 x

B2 Sims Customised version of 'I Love Books' by Ipietoon. TS4™ icons by Oh My Sims!

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