Monday, 27 May 2019

I'm Always Here...

For anyone who may be wondering, I have not forgotten this blog or TS3. 

At the start of the year, my husband had re-claimed his PC and right around the time I was about to get back to it, we lost our beloved pet. That pretty much knocked the creative wind right out of me. Playing games just didn't feel right.

Once I finally began to come to terms with the loss, I found it was the PS4 controller I was reaching for rather than the PC. Yes folks, I've spent the past few months lost in the Commonwealth and wastelands of Fallout 4! Really, it's been a 4 month cycle of 'eat, sleep, Fallout, repeat'... Pretty sure work is supposed to be in there somewhere too. 🤣

While I'm not yet back on the PC, the good news is that I fired up TS2 yesterday and finished my rebuild of Kinross

I was quite surprised at how quickly this build went, for the most part. All the main obstacles of building a lot tend to come with a first-time build. When you're rebuilding something, you already have that knowledge of how to acheive the desired affect. The tricky part of rebuilding fot TS2, I've found, is achieving the same aesthetic without the use of CC (though admittedly there's one item of CC in the TS2 version of Kinross). My aim is to keep all TS2 builds CC-free as TS2 is installed on my laptop so there's a reluctance to install a lot of CC on it in case of performance issues.

My TS3 builds so far have been quite CC heavy, though I try to keep the required CC to a minimum. The majority of the CC I use can be replaced with an alternative of your choosing. One of the many projects I had on the go at the start of the year was a re-vamp of all my existing TS3 lots, to strip down some of the CC and replace it with alternatives from the game - partly because I'd completed my EP/SP collection since building them and partly because some folk like to moan about CC being used (that's a post for another time).

I have TS2: The Complete Collection, so there's still a vast amount of content to choose from when I'm creating something. The only thing I find to be lacking is the flowers and shrubs, which is where I stalled on Kinross as it's garden is quite detailed. Neverthless, it's finally finished. I just need to get everything tested and packaged up.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up because there's no real reason for this post other than "Hello, I'm still alive!". Keep an eye out for TS2 Kinross, coming soon!

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