Saturday, 15 September 2018

Denton Door of the Virtuous

This was a little something I created as part of an upcoming build (the clue is in the title). The further I got into building, the more I started to think that maybe I was upload this as a standalone item. You see, it's all find and dandy uploading a lot with custom items, but somethimes those items will get overlooked if someone isn't searching for lots.

So here we have the Denton Door of the Virtuous - a standalone download. When I first started my latest build, I'd initially been using the Ornate Door from Dragon Valley. However, when it comes to anything I'm making that is based on a place, person or thing, I like to be as accurate as possible and the Ornate Door just wasn't 'churchy' enough.

There was a lot of trial and error involved in getting the engraved details and panelling right. A lot of the earlier attempts didn't show up too well in-game, but after much tweaking and words I'd never say in front of my grandma, I finally ended up with a door I was happy with.

This item is Base Game Compatible:
World Items Used:
Dragon Valley (Gold)
Download from MTS


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